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报告题目:Generation, computing, and analysis of large-scale neuronal morphology data




报告摘要: Neuronal morphology is critical for gaining thorough understanding on how the brain functions. Recent advances in sparse labeling and high-definition brain imaging enable us to observe the brain structures at sub-micron scales and to trace, or reconstruct, neurons from brain images. However, while tracing the local dendritic arbor of a neuron tends to become a trivial task, the reconstruction of complete neuronal morphology, especially that of mammalian brains, is still a highly challenging task. In our recent work, we attempted the quest of reconstructing complete neurons from whole mouse brains by assembling a computation pipeline that is especially designed. The pipeline contains tools for large-scale imaging data management and visualization, immersive and interactive data annotation, cross-modality brain image registration, etc. Based on such setup, we have successfully reconstructed over 1,700 complete neurons from cortex, claustrum, thalamus, striatum and other brain regions in mice. Analysis on such data has already shown several interesting biological findings.

报告人简介: Yimin Wang is currently a Professor at Guangdong Institute of Intelligence Science and Technology and an Adjunct Professor at Southeast University. He obtained B.S. degree and Ph.D. degree from Fudan University and Nanyang Technological University, respectively. His research interests include biomedical big data computing and visualization, computer graphics, mixed reality, etc. Dr. Wang’s research has been supported by several national and provincial funding, and his recent works have been published in venues such as Nature, Nature Methods, Nature Communications, etc.

Email: yimin.wang@gmail.com

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